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We are delighted to announce the Fourth Workshop Comparative Microbial Genomics and Taxonomy to be held in the LNCC in the forthcoming August.

40 candidates will be selected to attend the workshop.

Participants will need to have basic molecular biology and bioinformatics skills. Candidates should clearly demonstrate how the workshop will help in the development of their professional careers by means of a cover letter.

This workshop is intended to stimulate microbial taxonomy, biodiversity and comparative genomics research in Brazil. The attendees will be introduced to the most recent concepts and strategies of these sciences, as well as to the tools of the trade (see e.g. Binnewies et al. 2006. Funct. Integrat. Genomics; Coenye et al., 2005, FEMS MR. Gevers et al., 2006, Nature MR; Thompson et al., 2007. AEM; Dinsdale et al., 2008, Nature). Clearly it is timely for Brazil to be able to handle and study their huge as yet unknown microbial diversity. This workshop offers an excellent opportunity for researchers to get a good grasp of the current trends in Comparative Microbial Genomics, Metagenomic Biodiversity and Taxonomy.


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