Sequencing and Bioinformatics Analysis

We are experts in genomics. We have sequenced and analyzed a wide range of samples such as humans, parasites, prokaryotes, viruses, and metagenomes, with applications in Medicine, Agriculture and Biotechnology.

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The technical services provided by LNCC’s Laboratório de Bioinformática (LABINFO) and Unidade de Genômica Computacional Darcy Fontoura de Almeida (UGCDFA), include next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics analyses.

  • Sequencing on  Illumina (MiSeq and NextSeq 500) and Ion (PGM and Proton) platforms;
  • Bioinformatics analyses integrating methodologies and tools developed by the group or made available to the scientific community;

We sequence and analyze whole-genomes (prokaryotes and eukaryotes), metagenomes, exomes, transcriptomes, and small RNAs. Other services can be arranged upon request.

About Us

The Unidade de Genômica Darcy Fontoura de Almeida (UGCDFA) was created in 2008. It is associated with LABINFO (created in 2000), and specializes in computational genomics R&D, taking advantage of the the LNCC / MCTIC High Performance Computing infrastructure.

The UGCDFA owns the following next generation sequencers: Illumina MiSeq, Illumina NextSeq 500, Ion PGM and Ion Proton.

The UGCDFA is equipped to prepare several types of DNA sequencing libraries, including Illumina TruSeq libraries using mechanically fragmented DNA with the use of a Covaria M220 machine, and size-selected mate pair libraries or small RNA libraries using Sage Science’s BluePippin.

LABINFO develops software, tools and pipelines specifically for bioinformatics data analyses (such as the automated genome annotation tool SABIA) and maintain diverse databases. Our pipelines use free software and are constantly updated to keep up with scientific and technological developments. LABINFO has server-class computers with high storage and processing capacity to handle high-output sequencing data.

The bioinformatics services can be hired to analyze data generated in-house at the UGCDFA or at the client’s choice of other sequencing facilities.

Technical Team

UGCDFA has qualified professionals trained in Brazil and abroad, with experience in all steps of the different next generation sequencing applications.LABINFO has a long tradition in the field of Bioinformatics, and has been working on several projects in collaboration with national and international institutions. It has also published articles in high impact journals, with emphasis on genome assembly and annotation techniques.

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Our services cover a wide breadth of techniques and analyses, including sequencing and analyses of whole-genomes (prokaryotes and eukaryotes), metagenomes, exomes, transcriptomes, and small RNAs. Other services can be arranged upon request.

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